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 All accepted applicants please read!!!

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All accepted applicants please read!!! Empty
PostSubject: All accepted applicants please read!!!   All accepted applicants please read!!! EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:36 pm

Hello, and congrats on being accepted as an Stout admin! Before you can start, there are a few things your going to need to do.

1. Make your payment. You can donate by using the Contribution tab on the bottom of this page. Make sure to include your forum/game name in any payments sent to Stout. Include this information in a comment. Failure to clearly state your game and or forum name will slow down your activation process.

2. Once you have payed for your requested level of admin, read the admin code of conduct at the top of the admin forum section. Once read, you will need post verifying your acceptance of the coc and server rules. Post this in the server rules forum, using the same format as other admins. All of the rules associated with Stout servers can be found in the server rules section...there are updates to this section from time to time, so check back often.
*If you can not see these forum sections, then you haven't started your subscription. In the off chance you payed and did not use the subscription service, then your going to have to contact an administrator so we can update your forum account.*

3. Once the top two steps have been completed, send a private message to an administrator confirming that you have payed, and accepted the rules. This PM serves to remind us to activate your the sooner you complete the above two requirements and send us a PM, the sooner we can activate your account.

It can take several days to complete your activation. Your patience is appreciated, and remember your monthly cycle does not start until you have been your not loosing any money.

Thank you for applying, and I hope you have some fun being a server admin!
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All accepted applicants please read!!!
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