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 Left 4 Dead

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PostSubject: Left 4 Dead   Left 4 Dead EmptyFri Aug 07, 2009 11:45 pm

I just wanted to know who else owns or plays it. I think it would be cool if enough of us did so we could have a sweet survival night. I mean who dosent love killing tons of zombies?
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Left 4 Dead Empty
PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead   Left 4 Dead EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 5:31 pm

look at this, from :


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Comment Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:22 am Score: +1

For Online play:

This is the method that has worked for me to play online:

Download this file (all the files/instructions/server lists are included inside):

(take out the period in r.apidshare)

The instructions are included in that file, but I'll paste em here as well:

After Downloading file: 1) Install Steam (included inside the download)

2) Set up an account for yourself TRIMS (registration is free)

3) The engine.dll replace in game directory (Left4Dead/bin/engine.dll) !! If you have [psy] left 4 death replacing file is not needed !!

4) Start the game Left 4 Dead

5) activate developer console in game options

Q: How do I open the console? A: Go to Settings -> Keyboard / mouse -> Insert Dev. console, then click tilda (~), starting on the console. Tilda is left of figures, one on top of the keyboard.

6) In the console write the above address

How to connect to server : In console type: "connect xx.xx.xx.xx" xx.xx...= server IP adress

How to make personal no-stem serverlist : In console type openserverbrowser it will open serverbrovser select favorite tab and add above server adress (one by one): and now you can play no-steam servers from your favorites.

This method works I have been playing online for quite a while.

L4D ROCKS!!!!!!"


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Comment Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:28 pm Score: 0

Quoting Comment #287565

if you dont want this game to crash for you then do the following things:(for windows) 1) extract .rar archive to NORMAL/SHORT PATH , somewhere like D:\Games 2) run setup.bat 3) disable multicore in options \ advanced options

ok now things you want to make your game fun: Some people might indeed want to be owned by more than 1000 zombies (depending on your graphics card ) Or Spawn 100 Witches/tanks/hunters etc.

So this is 1 simple guide to fun. When playing single player of course

okays first thing is to enable console within the options --> keybourd and able console

Then when only playing SINGLE PLAYER ONLY press ` to enable console then type

sv_cheats 1 (as i said single player only)

For more zombies on map and make them attack you and the bots

zcommonlimit 300 (or how many as you want) p.s too much could crash your game.

now to make them attack you...

directorforcepanic_event 1

Then type this to make it go on forever directorpanicforever 1

Now spam witches/tanks/etc

Type in console Bind l "z_spawn witch" or bind a key with

zspawn hunter zspawn tank z_spawn Boomer

This will indeed be only used for the purpose of fun or barricading in houses.

trust me its definatly worth it

As he said, to get the game to work make sure you install the game to a short path such as C:/ or "My Documents" will work aswell. +1 for everytime it works. The game is real but is very tricky to play online... single player works fine...and if you have any problems with graphics or sound you may have to buy a new GPU or A whole new computer Smile"
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Left 4 Dead Empty
PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead   Left 4 Dead EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 12:11 am

Well you better have it up and running when ever i get my computer fixed...or a brand new one at that. Just trying to gather the funds for it at the moment.
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Left 4 Dead Empty
PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead   Left 4 Dead Empty

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Left 4 Dead
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