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PostSubject: for whitedevil   for whitedevil EmptyTue Sep 08, 2009 6:49 pm

hey white are you still using your mouse wheel to switch weapons??? i was reading about binding keys and the guy wrote that:

Switching Weapons

Switching weapons can be a little clumsy if you are using the number row, and very slow if you use the scroll wheel. To switch weapons quickly with other keys, you bind a key to that weapon.

Key codes for all the letter keys are that letter. For the misc. keys, like ;, ', or [, the key code is the lower case character on that key.

To write the bind to switch weapons, type the following

bind (key) "use weapon_(item name)"

The console code for the knife is (knife)

binding weapons instead of numbers seems awkward to me, cause you dont know if your going to need to drop the emty m4 to pick up the tmp on the ground and then even if its binded which key is gonna be out of all the other binded guns right, cause you still gotta get the fuck out of the way, wich can include jumping, crouching, left right up or down, all at the same time (when your panicking).

it just seems easier to slip to the wrong equipement (do an extra scroll with the mouse or fat finger problem with keys) with the mouse then with the keyboard to me... if its any help.
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for whitedevil
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